Dear Best Friend,

Dear Best Friend,

I miss you so much.

I was so excited the day I got that acceptance letter that I called you the minute I got it. That night I cried because I realised that it meant leaving you. You convinced me that what I was doing was in my best interest. You knew why I was moving away. If it weren’t for you I would’ve simply backed out.

In the three days that I’ve been here, I’ve found myself wishing I had.

Everything here reminds me of you. My morning coffee especially. You would’ve loved the campus and probably danced with me in the rain that I detest. The homesickness might have never existed with you here. We could’ve sat by the lake and had you scream at me for not taking good pictures. I could’ve pointed out hot guys to you, or drank coffee in familiar silence. I keep comparing the people I meet to you, and I can see some parts of you in some of them, but they aren’t you. They’ll never be you. How can they match up to you? God, I miss you.

My darling best friend, I cried last night because I realised that regardless of how much we try you’ll never be able to experience college with me. One of the most exciting times in our lives and we’ve been pulled apart yet again.

They say long distance hurts, and I truly agree with them.

I love you so much that it hurts and being away from you hurts even more.

Your best friend